Brenda Fielder

Following completion of C. & G. Embroidery Part II Brenda joined Modus where she found herself wondering, "Where do I go from here?".
She has always been attracted to colour, not only in the visual sense - in textiles, changing colours of nature and the effect of ageing on colours - but also in our emotional response to colour.   She says her stumbling block is that she is unhappy with drawing and as a result is constantly searching for ways to enhance fabrics with colours of her choice.   Often layered chiffon will help her to achieve this result, but the search goes on.
Her favourite themes are folk art (easy to draw!!?), nature, medieval and early floor tiles and signs and symbols which are meaningful in many cultures and religions.
    Since childhood she has always enjoyed creative writing and still finds it necessary to allow time to indulge this pleasure.   Although retired from a long and happy career as a librarian she never stop trying to find a few extra hours in every day!
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